Help to change the stigma associated with addiction and substance abuse.

Lets erase the blame, the pain and the shame! 

Guardian Angel Globes Fundraiser

Guardian Angels surround us and are here to help us. You can help support Colton's Journey to Liberation by ordering these beautiful globes. 

Different colors relate to the type of help we are looking for. 

White : All of the Archangels bring Peace , Protection and Guidance

Blue: Archangel Michael Provides strength, protection and peace 

Pink: Archangel Ariel  Bolsters courage, strength and manifests miracles

Yellow:Archangel Gabriel is the  Emotional healer, works with Mother's and Children

Green : Archangel Raphael the great Physician. Guides you to a path of healing. 

​Turquois: Archangel Sandalphon delivers and answers prayers. Helps you receive God's gifts.

​Place orders via PayPal ( Use Friends and Family Option Please) 

 go to ​ at PayPal

Price $12 per globe

In the comment section of PayPal please add your phone number, address and number of each color globe you would like. 

Or... Call Jill O'Hara at 716-426-6529 to order


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